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Restaurants in Bilbao. Cafes and Bars in Bilbao region Great places to go  for your hols. Info. for all your needs in Bilbao. Home to main menu. Bay of Biscay News
  Cafes and Pubs to Relax in

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Particular de Estraunza 1
94- 442 54 81
Fine watering hole. Open morning till night. Breakfast, apéritif, snacks, coffee, wine and beer. Just in front of the Cotton Club - Allende area.
Lersundi 5
94- 424 70 78
Fine place to wet your whistle and try the quality libatations served in this friendly atmospheric bar.
Plaza de Venezuela 1
Selection of rolls and sandwiches . Wide veriety of drinks and dinners are delicatessen style.

Iturribide 118
94- 433 23 17.
Fresh seafood and a good wine cellar. Also sports a hostelería museum
Navarra 6
94- $$$$$$$
Menu of coffees and many different teas from around the world
Plaza Moyua 6
94-424 02 23
Missing Irish cheer and Guiness, well here's the place to find it! Plus selection of bar food.
   CAFÉ & TÉ
Plaza Moyua 1 .
Fine selection of coffees and teas and whatever else might take your thirsty fancy.
   THE CLAMK´S TAVERN Doctor Areilza 43
Regular cafe but with a good spread of imported beers.

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Central Bilbao The above are some of the many varieties of bars / cafes to be found in Bilbao. Their telephone number has been supplied and their local address. Click the right green arrow to view more restaurants if more choices are required..


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