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Restaurants in Bilbao. Cafes and Bars in Bilbao region Great places to go  for your hols. Info. for all your needs in Bilbao. Home to main menu. Bay of Biscay News
  Restaurants and Places to Eat

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General Concha 12
94-421 30 89
Pate de Foie-gras Moules a la crema Tarta tatin Closed on Sundays in the morning. Classic French Restaurant in the centre of Bilbao, with a variety of fresh fish and meat dishes all of the highest quality - specialities include sauces. The decor rendered from the beginning of the century in an art-nouveau style. There is an extensive Rioja and French Bordeaux wine list. A special day to note is Tuesday's when the menu is reduced to half price.
Campo Volantín 22
94- 445 60 00

Hot and cold salads including a lobster speciality with rape fillet. Fine wine list. All deserts are home made. The restaurant is in the Hotel Conde Duque. Closed during the summer but the rest of the year opening times are normal. There are plenty of salons available for all kinds of occasions with capacities to cater for up to 150. The restaurant is being redecorated in Jan and Feb of 2000 with many additions to offer clients more variety
Gordoniz 6
94- 421 31 04

Celebrating the exotic (portion of tuna and hot peppers). Jabugo ham and many products from Spain (pork, sausage, sliced meats and cheese). Closed on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful with a history of passing from father to son. Menus are not used as a whole variety of dishes are drawn from the true Spain. There are also many ice cream deserts if the the desires something special.

Tívoli 8
94- 445 30 83

Meat and Fish dishes with an extensive wine list from the Pais Vasco. Spain and other popular wines from around the world. Meeting and conferences are catered for and a warm welcome to all clients.
Simón Bolivar 17
94- 441 35 23

Many combinations of rolls and sandwiches with an imaginative menu of the day. Open the whole week with interesting photographic exhibitions monthly
Hurtado de Amézaga 5
94- 443 21 72

Not a traditional restaurant - more a gastronomic journey. There are no fixed ideas about what to offer, ask for what you'd like and wait and see, fish, meat, veg and fruit are standard fare.
Máximo Aguirre 1
94- 423 71 50

Lobster salads, scalloped fillets of beef with pate, live or freshly prepared shellfish. Closed in the Summer and Sundays, winter service only. Quality is assured and served in classic style.
Elcano 38
94- 443 27 14

Shark fin soup, fried rice with prawn, Pekin Duck. There are speciality house drinks. Always open with plenty of sitting room for 200 people. Chino was the first Chinese in Bilbao.

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Central Bilbao The above are some of the many varieties of restaurants to be found in Bilbao. Their telephone number has been supplied and their local address. Click the right green arrow to view more restaurants if more choices are required..


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