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 The classic documentary series 'Man and the Earth' by the late* Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente has been voted as the best ever programme to be shown on Spanish television by the members of the Television Arts and Sciences Academy (A.T.V.). Shown on TVE between 1974 and 1979, the series made the population conscious of the importance of conserving the environment. It was not only successful in Spain as the series enjoyed international recognition and was seen in more than 40 other countries. The top ten programmes of the last century in the opinion of the Academy were the following; El hombre y la tierra; Un, dos, tres f'game show); Informs semanal (news programme),' La cabina (made for T.V. film),- /, Claudius (drama series); La Clave (debate); Estudio ! (theatre); Hill Street Blues (series); Upstaifs, Downstairs (series); and Sesame Street (children's programme). All these programmes were originally shown on TVE and very few other programmes produced or shown by other Spanish stations have entered into the lists elaborated by the Academy. Twin Peaks', shown on Tele 5, is a rare example. Traditionalism? Or the fact that private T.V. has only be here for 10 years?      


The station is now free of debt

The first ten years on air and the first year free of debt are the two reasons why Antena 3 will be celebrating over the next few months.

Two years ago the private station owed* the banks 37,360 million pesetas, a quantity which was halved* the following year. In 1999 the station obtained profits* of over 25,000 million pesetas and so will start the new century in the black

. Several factors have contributed to the economic consolidation of the station in the last two years. One of the most important has been the way that the station manages* its advertising. Advertisers are now offered a better distribution of their adverts during the length of the day, month and year- At the same time audience profiles are made to obtain the most efficient use of advertising time. The emphasis is now not on how many people are watching but on who is watching.

As most people have noticed a lot of programmes are now 'sponsored' by companies or products and this of course means more money. 10 years more of increased advertising? We shall see-



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