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Model Kate Moss, wants a baby at any cost, and will use artificial insemination because she hasn't found the ideal partner, according to the Italian press. It seems she has been in touch with Italian doctor Alessandro di Gregorio, though he has not confirmed or denied it. "I've spent years looking for the ideal father, but with little luck. I've gone from one relationship to another, from Anthony Langdon to Dan MacMillan, from Ges Wood to Johnny Depp, but none of them was ready for it." A few months ago the model revealed that she had had problems with drugs and drink, but had managed to conquer her addictions.       Spice Girl Vicky The British police have discovered plans to kidnap* Spice Girl Victoria Beckman and her son Brooklyn and ask for a £1,000,000 ransom from husband David Beckman. Beckman plays football for Manchester United and is an England international. A gang planned to carry out* the kidnapping during a match between England and Scotland in which Beckman was playing. The kidnappers planned to take Victoria, whose nickname* is 'Posh', and her son to a house in Hampstead. The couple's fortune is estimated as at least £25,000,000
Noel Gallagher Oasis singer has admitted that drug addiction stopped him from realising the enormous success the band had with their first record. Definitely Maybe, in 1994. "We didn't appreciate how big the group was. I wish I'd realised it at the time." Gallagher, who has stopped taking drugs, doesn't repent having tried them, because "You have to try everything in life." He caused uproar* when he said that there was no difference between taking narcotics and having a cup of tea. Woody Alien and his wife Soon Yi plan to move to London to get away from the atmosphere and 'hostility' in New York, according to the Sunday Times. If this is true, it will be the first time that the 65 year old actor and director has lived outside Manhattan. Alien hopes to do some theatre work while in London. He was rejected by theatre producers in New York, who considered him too expensive 

 Aitana Sanchez Gijon has received an award in the fourth Premio Grupo Correo a los Valores Humanos. Princess Elena de Borbon presented her with the award, and underlined her progress as an actress as well as her commitment "to a new way of making films." At the ceremony were figures from the world of business, culture, science and politi 

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