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The organ was on sale for about an hour before it was reported


Would you like to buy my kidney'-'1 This might seem a strange question but last month somebody from Spain asked this question to the whole world via the internet. For about one hour it was possible to bid* for his or her kidney (the owner's* identity was nol. revealed) on the web site 'Aucland', the French internet company that specialises in auctions*. When the company saw the kidney on sale (they have special software that looks for illegal objects) they eliminated the page and reported the incident to the police. In the one hour that the kidney was on sale three people entered the page but nobody made a firm bid. According to Enrique Aguilera, director of Aucland, the starting price was, "an important amount." Aguilera explained that after the page was eliminated, Aucland received a phone call from     the presumed owner who inquired why the page was no longer visible and asked them to restore it. Aguilera explained to the desperate organ seller that it is illegal to sell kidneys and other body parts. It has been illegal in Spain since 1980. This is not the first time that someone has tried to sell a part of the body on the internet but this is the first case that involves a Spanish person. Othe companies like Aucland (ebay is the biggest and best known web site) have registered auctions of different body parts and even babies. On these popular web hites you can try to sell anything you have and the company acts as the mediator between the buyer and seller. Ehay is one of the most valuable companies on Wall Street after only two years of existence, (E)  



A child's murder provokes attacks on North African workers 
   When a- Morrocan worker was accused of the murder of Encamacion Lopez, noboby expected the situation to get so out of hand. Within hours of the child's death the town had become enroiled in lawless chaos and the inhabitants had taken the law into their own hands. Shops and businesses run or owned by North Africans were burned and looted* and reporters trying to film the events for the world to see were also attacked bv the mob.
   The immigrant agricutural workers soon started a strike that was to last several days and which caused huge losses for the local farmers, Eventually an agreement was reached and the stoppage was called off. The authorities promised to set up accomadation for homeless workers, to pay compensation for the damages caused in the riots and to help those workers without documents to get their paperwork in order, (F)

Born six weeks after his mother died, the baby leaves intensive care after his first two difficult months

From death came life.
When his mother was declared clinically dead the baby was still evolving inside the womb*. The family, from Gijon, decided to continue with the pregnancy* and doctors kept the woman alive artificially for six weeks. On 31st December last year (when the rest of us were celebrating the millennium) the doctors decided to intervene and the baby boy was born (and the mother was allowed lo die). The boy weighed just 1.7 kg at birth and had to be put in an incubator. Soon after, doctors diagnosed an intestinal infection and the baby was transferred to an intensive care unit in Oviedo. Finally, one and a half months later the boy has returned to Gijon and his condition is described as delicate but stable. He will not be able to go home until he reaches a weight of at least 2,5 kg. (I)

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