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Paula Vazquez received a cheque for two million pesetas from Terra for the foundation 'Minusvalidos en la Naturaieza', at the premiere of Toy Story 2. Apart from watching the film, the audience were treated to a performance by the Golden Apple Quartet, who sing two songs on the Spanish soundtrack* of the film.
Top model Naomi Campbell was paid $100,000 for appearing at an event, but when she discovered the elevator wasn't working she refused to go upstairs. The incident happened at a prize giving ceremony for hairdressers in Australia.
Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) will spend more than 2.5 million pesetas on her son Brooklyn's first birthday party. The millionaire wife of football star David Beckham will provide clowns and circus animals to entertain both her son and the more than one hundred guests that have been invited, The menu will consist of hamburgers for the children and lobster for the adults.
Anna Kournikova has broken the hearts of thousands of admirers around the world by announcing that she plans to get married. The lucky man is Pavel Bure. a star in the North American ice hockey league. The hockey player, Russian like his future wife, is ten years older than the young tennis star and proposed during a romantic dinner in Miami.
       Melanie Griffith, wife of Spanish cinema star Antonio Banderas, continues to maintain her image as a sex symbol and has posed nude for the magazine 'Vanity Fair'. The 42 year-old was tied naked to a chair by a roll of film to promote the release of her latest film 'Cecil B. DeMented'.
Catherine Zeta-Jones was happy to pose for photographers at the opening of the film 'Wonder Boys' and proudly showed the world her pregnant fuller figure. The Welsh actress, who starred in 'The Mask of Zorro' with Antonio Banderas, will give birth* to her first child in August and just a few weeks later will get married to the father, American actor Michael Douglas.
David Bowie is another celebrity who is to become a father. He announced in London last month that Iman, his wife and ex model, will give birth to the couple's first child in the summer. The 54 year-old singer already has a daughter aged 28 and the 44 year-old model also has an adult daughter from her first marriage to an American basketball player.
Letsie III The King of Lesoto,, has become the first monarch of the tiny, mountainous kingdom (located within the borders of South Africa) to renounce polygamy and get married to a single wife. At the same time he became the first to marry by the Catholic ritual- The royal couple spent part of their honeymoon in Rome , where they received the blessing of the Pope, John Paul II. (I)

 JOHN LENNON, THE F.B.I. AND THE I.R.A. According to David Shayler, an ex spy of the British secret service (M.I.5). the ex Beatle John Lennon donated several thousand pounds to the Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.) in the 1970s. But did the composer of songs for peace such as 'Imagine' really give money to a violent, armed group? The answer is in the hands of the F.B.I, but the Federal Agency does not want to reveal crucial documents that could answer the public's questions.
 Shayler told his story to American historian John Weincr who has written books about the relations between John Lennon and the F.B.T. Richard Nixon, then president of the U.S.A. ordered the American secret services to follow the artist because of his well known connections to pro-republican, left wing groups and compiled hundreds of pages of files* with information about the star.
 Weiner has tried for many years to gain access to these documents but has bad problems because the F.B.J. insists that they are a 'danger to national security'. What did the singer do to merit such secrecy? Weiner believes that the documents will prove that Lennon didn't donate money directly to the I.R.A. but that some of the money that he donated to Irish republican associations ended up* financing the group's activities.
 Lennon was often described as generous, spontaneous and provocative. Who knows what he did with his fortune, (E)  

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