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Of course. But if you met him (or her) as a contestant on a television show?


Darva Conger only knew that her future husband was filthy"1 rich. She wasn't going to meet him until moments before the wedding ceremony but she didn't seem to care. She was the lucky one that property magnate Rick Rockweli had decided was his ideal wife and before either of them could change their minds* they were married live on American T.V. weddingWelcome to the newest show on the American television station Fox, '''Would you like to marry a multi-millionaire? ". The St. Valentine's Day special was a direct response to the success of rival ABC's programme titled, "Would you like to be a millionaire?", in which contestants compete to win the top prize of $1,000,000. Fox wanted to give away* millions of dollars too and the cheapest way, they decided, was to give away the person who had them i.e. organise a wedding with a multi-millionaire.  
The first problem was that multi-millionaires don't normally have problems in finding a partner, so why would one want to take part in a television show like this? Eventually the station found a magnate who was not only single but who also thought that the idea wasn't as stupid as it sounded to most other people. His bank accounts were checked, a contract was signed and the preparations began. Naturally it wasn't as difficult to find candidates for the position of future Mrs Rockweli; After the final list of 50 single women was made the production team, the hopeful* candidates along with the multimillionaire and 80 of his family and friends all went to Las Vegas (where else?) to film the show. After discarding 40 of the 50 women for a variety of reasons (appearance, character, or basically because he simply felt like it^} the candidates had to parade in bikinis and wedding dresses and answer a series of questions, Rockweli decided which answers (or figures) he preferred and the end result was a live-on-television wedding between the magnate and the woman who promised to be his "friend, lover and companion". (I) 



There are 333,000 more women than men in the city .....If you are a man who is looking for his ideal woman then it would be a good idea to visit Rio de Janeiro on your next holiday. The legendary tourist destination has a strange problem - there are over 300,000 more women than men living in the city. In Copacabana (famous for its beaches and bikinis) the difference is 20,000 and in people over 70 years old there are two women in the city for each man. This causes problems for the city's female population who complain that, "the nice guys are ugly, the attractive ones aren 't nice. the attractive and nice ones are gay, and the attractive, nice ones who aren't gay are married." Problems, problems... (E)

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Legal Curiosities: A bill* introduced in the Vermont legislature (by Rep. Fred Maslack) in January would penalize any adult who chose not to own a gun, by requiring him/her to register with the state and pay a $500 fee for the privilege of being unarmed. A bill introduced in the Mississippi legislature (by Sen. Tom King) in January would seek to dampen the sexuality in strip clubs by making it illegal for a male customer to have an erection, even though he remains entirely clothed. A Hawaii state senator introduced a bill to permit government workers to go to sleep during their coffee breaks. beepLife Imitates Art: Rowan Atkinson, who plays the shy, clumsy* Mr. Bean in the British TV series, escape'd on foot from onlookers in October after being involved in a car crash near Lancashire, England. According to a witness, Atkinson ran in the distinctively awkward Mr. Bean style ("His arms and legs were flapping""') to a nearby factory, where he hid until reporters left. Least Competent Criminal: Trevor Brian Smith, 26, was arrested for bank robbery in Cary, N.C., in January after police  
alerted banks in the area. The day before, the manager of a Central Carolina Bank had noticed a man pacing outside | his front window, trying to build up his confidence, while wearing a large false nose, a bad blond wig and gold-rimmed clown glasses, and who had covered the front license plate of his car before approaching the door. The manager called the police, but as the man was about to enter, a passing fire truck scared him away. A similarly dressed Smith was arrested at another bank the next day. Also: British inventor David Elliott, 20, announced in June that he was seeking financial backers for a pager ("Gaydar") to be marketed to shy gay men that would vibrate in the vicinity of someone with a similar device, thus making introductions easier. In October 1999, a jury in Odessa, Texas, ruled that a doctor's poor handwriting caused a pharmacist to dispense the wrong drug, which contributed to the death of a 42-year-old man. (The family of the deceased said they were basically satisfied with their doctor's ability, except for his handwriting.) (F)  

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