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The use of drugs has increased in the last ten years

44.5% of school students in the Basque Country have smoked dope* on at least one occasion, and 9.5% have tried speed, according to Jesus Perez Arrospide, president of the Fundacion Vivir sin Drogas (Live without Drugs Foundation). The president added that between the ages of 14 and 15 "is a critical period as regards the consumption of drugs " Drug use has increased among teenagers since 1991, and "over-consumption affects 26.9% of 13-19 year-old students.In order to combat this growing trend, the organisation is involved in 12 projects, with a budget of over 10 million pesetas. All schools in Araba have received information, as have 11,000 families and 100,000 residents Many teachers agree that specific prevention "is the best strategy" to confront problems caused by drug consumption in schools, and want "more specific material about preventive programs Kontxi Gabantxo, Basque Government Drug dependence Unit secretary commented that "Alcohol consumption continues to go up, and more and more youngsters are turning into* big users" (E)      

A central government campaign to reduce drug use ran into problems in the Basque Country. The campaign slogan, "A tope sin drogas" - Live life to the full without drugs- was translated into Euskera as "Atsedenik E: drogank gabe," which more or less translates as "no rest without drugs" There were also difficulties with the Catalan version.However, the problem has now been solved and new postcards have been produced with the slogan "Pnmeran drogank gabe- "It's great without drugs." (I)




One of the new exhibits in the Guggy?

   The new year brings with it new admission charges for Bilbao's internationally recognised Guggenheim museum/art gallery. From now on. Adults will have to pay a minimum of 1,000 pesetas (approx. 6 euros) - special exhibitions like The Art of the Motorcycle will cost 1,200 pesetas. Senior citizens and students will have to fork out* 500 pesetas normally and 600 pesetas for special events.The museum is currently subsidised* by the Basque Government and the provincial council ofBizkaia. It receives 30.3% of its money from these sources. This percentage is expected to go down by two points this year.    The percentage paid by corporate and individual members will also contract slightly. Juan Ignacio Vigarte, manager of the museum, highlighted* the fact that the museum was "almost 70% self-financed." He added that "We expect to receive another million visitors next (for this) year. A total of twelve exhibitions - two more than last year - have been planned for this year, with an investment of 1,080 million pesetas, almost a third of the budget. The programme includes six exhibitions which correspond to the permanent collection, various temporary presentations and the return of some displays from the inaugural exhibition.   (I)


A 19 year old man from Pamplona died on the Gabietous glacier in the French Pyrenees after slipping* on the snow and falling 25 metres down an embankment. Juan Borda Martin was with five other friends and intended to climb to the summit* of Soum d'Aspe. (E)

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