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Picture The permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao basically includes works by the most prominent artists of the last forty years of this century, and is supplemented by works from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation - significant examples of Pop Art, Minimalism, Arte Povera, Conceptual Art and Abstract Expressionism among others- and by special programming sponsored by the Foundation. Further, a number of rooms at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao are devoted to in-depth installations and others to site-specific works specially commissioned for this Museum. Basque and Spanish contemporary art is also represented by a selection of works by the best artists in the field. Together they provide a satisfying overview of the latest trends in our contemporary art.

The Museum is fitted with lifts making access easy for people with physical handicaps

{short description of image}The Museum has an Educational Area designed to help visitors to interpret modern and contemporary works of art and the unique architecture of the building itself, through specially developed programmes and materials. For further information, telephone: 34-94 435 90 67 .    {short description of image} The Museum Members program gives visitors the chance to participate as fully as possible in all its activities. Members are divided into a number of different categories, all of which enjoy interesting advantages when using the Museum's services. For futher information, telephone: 34-94 435 90 14

International Exhibition Centre in The Pais Basco (Vizcaya)

{short description of image}Bilbao International Exhibition Centre was built in 1932. It is an official non profit making institution and at this moment is one of the best and most modern fair organisations in Europe. Its installations are equipped with the latest technological advances in order to offer an excellent service both to exhibitors and visitors. 44 different events each two years. 700.000 visitors, 3.000 exhibiting companies.

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Central Bilbao The above are some of the many varieties of museums to be found in Bilbao. Their telephone number has been supplied and their local address. Click the right green arrow to view more restaurants if more choices are required..


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