The following recipe is from BERNABE RAMA .

Bemabe is the head chef at the Restaurant Bermeo, a leading traditional Bilbao restaurant. Asked for his angulas recipe, he referred to a twenty-year-old book of standard recipes. His only change was that where the old recipe had indicated angulas for four people, he crossed it out and wrote "for six."

ANGULAS (for six)

 Recipe Requirements

600 grams angulas1 beautiful sea bream 4 garlic cloves, sliced
a few slices ofguindilla   enough olive oil to cover the bottom of a casserole


 Notes and Hints

 Put the casserole on a high flame with olive oil and sliced garlic. When the garlic starts to change color, work in the angulas and guindilla slices. Keep the casserole constantly moving for 30 seconds. Then remove it. It is essential that the dish be served very

 Saute the chopped onions, minced leek, and chopped garlic in olive oil for 15 minutes; add the heads and bones of the fish and cook slowly. Add the tomatoes, crushed, the wine, a quart of water, the bouquet garni, and pepper.



 Interest Note

 BERNABE RAMA Was born in Bilbao but speaks no Euskera. His father was from Andalusia and, being unemployed, came to Bilbao in 1945 to work as a laborer, on roads, construction-whatever he could find. Bernabe does not consider himself a nationalist or Basqueland a nation. But like many others, he uses the word inmigrante^ an internal immigrant, to describe outsiders like his family.