The following recipe is from Nicolasa Pradera 1933

Crowds go into the restaurants to eat txan-gurro a la Donastiarra, San Sebastian-style stuffed spider crab. The dish is all in the stuffing, since the crab is a leggy but scrawny animal that many cultures have ignored because it requires a gastronome's heart and a surgeon's hands to extract its meat

Txan-gurro a la Donastiarra

 Recipe Requirements, Notes and Hints

 Clean the fish. Cut the gurnard in slices. Fillet the rascasse. Keep the bones.

 Use sea water, or else water with salt and yeast. Once the water boils, put the crab in for 15 minutes. After it has chilled, remove all the meat from the legs and the center, and whatever water is there, to pass through a food mill.

 The preparation is as follows: put some olive oil in a skillet with minced onion and a finely minced clove of garlic; when they start to brown add a glass of wine (some prefer brandy), reduce and pass through a food mill with a little white pepper, a teaspoon of English sauce and a little mustard, according to taste, and a couple of spoonfuls of previously prepared tomato, When all this is reduced, add a spoonful of bread crumbs. Once you have made the preparation,, add the crab meat, and when all this is seasoned, put it in the shell and add a little butter just before serving and a little more bread crumbs and slip it into the oven, -Nicolasa Pradera 1933

Decorate with garlic that has been fried in oil and with sliced rounds of guindilla.

 Interest Note

 A dish commonly eaten on Saint Sebastián Day associated with Napoleon's occupation of San Sabastián.