The following recipe is from Julia Perez Subiza of Valcarlos .

The following recipe comes from Julia Perez Subiza of Valcarlos, whose mother-in-law started the Hostal Maitena across from the fronton in Valcarlos in 1920.


 Recipe Requirements

One pigeon 1 onion
2. garlic cloves   1 leek and 1 carrot
1 sprig of thyme
A little parsley and black pepper 1
  glass of brandy 1/2.
Liter red wine

 Notes and Hints

 Cover the bird in flour and saute it slowly. Chop the vegetables finely and add warm wine to the ingredients, with the exception of the brandy, which is added at the end. Bring the sauce to a boil and then cook gently.



 Interest Note

 In the fall, armed men hide in the pine woods by Ibaneta where warriors once waited to pounce on Roland. But they are waiting to shoot the gray-and-white wild pigeons that fly through the pass. The birds are cooked in wine and brandy., which used to be made by monks for the pilgrims. This hunt is at least old enough to be regulated in the 1590 Fuero of Navarra.