The following recipe is the from Azcaray y Eguileor family

In 1930 the Azcaray y Eguileor family published a book that promised to reveal the secrets of their Bilbao restaurant. El Amparo. It offered two suggestions for pimientos de Guernica, which have long been the popular ways of serving these peppers in Vizcaya.


 Recipe Requirements, Notes and Hints

 Rub the peppers with a cloth and fry them in sizzling oil, turninging them so they cook on all sides.


 Interest Note

 The European distaste for burning-hot pepper is in perfect balance with nature because hot American peppers when grown in Europe give off little heat. The burning taste comes from a substance called capsaicin, whose bum increases when the pepper is grown in strong sunlight. Capsaicin is a failed chemical defense for plants. Most animals won't eat plants that contain capsaicin, but many non-European humans are not deterred.