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  Diamond Supra Fax/Modem 56k
  Diamond Multimedia
  from SYNTRAN
  13.6 GB Hard Drive
  Maxtor Diamond
  Max 13.6 GB!
  Beanie Babies!
  Beanie Babies®!
Cosmopolitan Virtual MakeoverXOOM is excited to offer the COSMOPOLITAN Virtual Makeover! It's a revolutionary new way to revitalize your look...without the risk! Choose from hundreds of hairstyles and make-up options that could be right for you. Blend, highlight, mix & match
World Martial Arts Champion
Taebo VideoEmbrace the Future of Fitness with Tae-Bo Videos from XOOM Energizing.. .Explosive.. .Powerful.. .Uplifting, XOOM.com is offering two outstanding Tae-Bo videos in VHS format: The Tae-Bo Instructional and the Tae-Bo Basic videos. Xoom are offering them for only $34.99, a savings from the suggested retail price
Hands Free
Toshiba Cordless Phone
Toshiba Cordless Phone
  • 900 MHz Analog Transmission with Extended Talk Range
  • 40 Channel Auto Scanning
  • Compandor Noise Reduction System
  • Digital Security Code (65,536 codes)
  • Hearing aid compatible/HAC volume
  • Any-key answer
  • Handset locator/one way page
  • 3 one-touch & 9 two-touch speed dial (16 digits)
  • Long Standby battery life (7 days)
  • Volume Control
  • Desk//wall mountable (bracket included)
  • Ringer volume and tone control
  • Mute on handset
 The 900 MHz Sound quality is so good, you won't believe it's a cordless phone. Unlike competing cordless phones, the FT-8009BK uses 900 MHz signals to communicate between the handset and base. The result? Virtually no interference or static, even in densely populated areas. And with Toshiba's Extended Talk Range you can roam even farther from the base--up to 3,000 feet (over one-half mile) under ideal conditions
Xoom, Xoom.. Xoom
Great Xoom Deals!
Web Page / Computer

This week's great products available from XOOM.com Deals. Click on the product for info, this will take you to Xoom.

New Age in Quality Scanning
Visioneer Scanner
Web Building Software
ClipArt You Want?
Web Clip Empire 250,000
This deluxe 12 CD-ROM set (yup, count 'em, 12!) is the only one of its kind anywhere! This is the largest collection of hand-crafted, royalty-free Web clips in the universe. Perfect for your Web sites or presentations, this amazing set will come in handy for just about anything! Enhance your creativity with these 12 awesome CDs! ONLY $39.95 Regularly $89.95
Web Site Templates
XOOM has once again created the best tool to help you get your site up and running in no time. We have developed a great package of 250 Web site templates to jump start your site. Each template includes a home page, 19 commonly-used sub pages, a configurable navigation bar, and email links, all in a variety of themes and styles. That's 15,000 themed navigation elements, headers, and backgrounds and over 4,500 web pages!
3-D Web Animation Pack
Now you can produce high quality 3-D animated buttons and logos with this powerful suite of easy-to-use tools. Now it's easy to create wonderful 3-D graphics and animations for your Web site and more!

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