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ĄGugNews! Ahora!
For GugNews Subscribers January Issue, 2000
Wet enough for you? It is teeming for us -- but like the busy postmen we are, we're capable of cranking this newsletter out under the most drizzly conditions. Here's the latest issue of Bay News Monthly; as always, it's the newsletter that gives you the scoop on what's new in Bilbao area and its surrounds. {February Issue}

 January 2000 Life in Bizkaia


The philosophy of the new city council has changed, it is more in fitting* with Bilbao's real possibilities and those of the country." This is how Inaki Azkuna started his presentation of the celebrations for the villa's 700th birthday.The main part of the party will start, as it did 700 years ago, on the 15th June and finish on the 17th. On the 15th and 16th there will be concerts in the Arriaga Theatre with the Bilbo Symphony Orchestra, and performances by Joaquin Achucarro, Enma Jime-nez and Felix Ayo.The orchestra, choir and Kepa Jun-kera will play a concert on a boat on the Nervion, from El Abra to the bridge of San Anton, as part of the celebrations titled ' Zorionak Bilbao Felicida-des.' In the Pasarela de Calatrava, space permitting, there will be a ballet choreography by Victor Ullate at the same time. Characters from the nineteenth century will meet the boat when it reaches El Are-nal, and the mediaeval quarter will have a mediaeval air. The celebrations will finish with a concert in the Arriaga Theatre with the Bilbao Choir and cellist Asier Polo. Either San Mames or el Parque de Dona Casilda could be the venue* for another choral concert with 10,000 voices. The cost of the festivities is calculated at about 600 million pesetas. ( E)


1,300,000,000 pesetas (approx 8,000.000 euros) were shared out* between lucky lottery winners in Markina last month.The National Lottery first prize was won by number 67,604. The town's official lottery office sold 30 'tenths' (shares) directly, and similar amounts were sold in Bar Ar-mola and Hiruzubieta hairdresser's.The owner* of the lottery office. Ana Gerenabarrena commented, "This is the first time we've shared in a big first prize." She also added that the winning number had been widely shared out among the town's residents. In total. 80 shares were sold in the town. ( E)

Metro More Popular Than Ever

Last month the metro in Bilbao carried* its 50,000,000th passenger, the first time it has reached* this number since it opened in 1995. The record for one day was reached on 21 December, St. Thomas's Day, when 248,087 passengers used the service. The special Christmas services have carried 5.88% more passengers than last year. ( E)

GUGGENHEIM PRICES RISE! How much will you have to pay in 2000.

CHAOS IN BARAJAS Fog causes delays and cancellation.

TWO YEARS IN A TREE Living in a tree called 'MOON'.

POKEMON IS HERE!! It's on T.V. and in the shops. Can you resist the craze?

Mc CARTNEY AND DOVER Concert Reviews.

EUSKADI v. NIGERIA Festive football and goals against the 'Green Eagles'.

GREEN AND CLEAN. Vitoria-Gasteiz has been chosen as one of Spain's cleanest cities.

BBV bank in Barakaldo was the scene of a hold-up.

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